The Porch

The Porch can be described as a cultural organization located at the 7th Ward in New Orleans. This project wants to support and uphold the cultures of the neighborhood. As well they seek to create a dialogue between different cultural groups.

The Organization

The organization appointed that people always come first. In relation to this they look at the person on the whole: emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual. The Porch is an organization that is action-oriented and driven by volunteers. They believe that the best way to solve problems is to be and think creative and to stand up for its beliefs.

The PorchThe members of the Porch take care of each other and honestly talk and deal with questions of class, cultural differences, gender, power differences, race, sexual preference and other things that confront them as a community.

The Porch exacts inexpensive housing. As well they give respect to the rights of renters and homeowners. They want to build an active neighborhood with the same rights for people of all income levels.


The Porch Project cooperates with a lot of community organizations, residents and artists located or based at the 7th Ward and beyond. The national partners are, for example:

  • Neighborhood Housing Services of New Orleans
  • University of Kansas Architecture School
  • Tulane City Center
  • Xavier University Art Department
  • The Original Big Seven Social Aid and Pleasure Club
  • The Neighborhood Story Project
  • The Seventh Ward Warriors Mardi Gras Indian Tribe
  • Parkway Partners
  • The New Orleans Food and Farm Network
  • KID smart
  • Tisch School of the Arts NYU
  • New Corps
  • Common Ground Collective and many others.