Living in New Orleans

Living New OrleansPeople that return or visit New Orleans for the first time after the hurricane visit this city with another feeling than before. There are a lot of familiar faces. It could be possible, that a part of the family and some friends already returned to New Orleans after this tragedy.

In some conversations, people ask a lot of questions that the home comers try to answer as good as they can. “How is Uptown?”, “How is Mid-City?”, “Is Les bon Temps open?”, “What about Carrolton?”, “Did they already find an owner for the little whole foods?” This is just a small extract of these questions. The people are excited to see their city again. On the Web, there are a lot of maps that allow visitors to see where the most popular restaurants are or which pubs and bars just opened after the hurricane again.

A lot of visitors tend to prefer Uptown for free time, amusements and other things that can be remembered from New Orleans. They want to see their places and if they are currently open or existing.
In the east of New Orleans they still try to recover the area due to the hurricane Katrina. Unfortunately, there can be noticed a lack of help for rebuilding.

Rebuilding in New Orleans

It is not easy for people to rebuild their lives and homes. Fortunately, there are inhabitants that impress a lot of home comers because of their spirit. Their homes had been destroyed in the 9th Ward, a poorer part of New Orleans. Notwithstanding, they were rebuilding their homes. They give others great optimism for the future.