The Lakeview Project has been founded by HOME, New Orleans?, a community-based, art-focused platform of artists, neighbors, organizations, schools and universities. It unites different districts to start an optimistic change in the city New Orleans.

The project focuses the home in its different manifestations:

  • Individual dwellings
  • Neighborhoods
  • The city itself

The core team of this project consists of different artists that are born or based in Lakeview:

  • Visual artists
  • Theater artists
  • Writer

The team of Lakeview cooperates with a lot of other individuals and organizations that are based or related to the area. Their mission is to tell oral history and to energize and fortify existing neighborhood efforts. As well they want to revive the neighborhood and honor representatives of this area.

LakeviewLakeviews can be described as a bus tour project. It cooperates with the local pastor, teachers, local students and the Beacons of Hope post-Katrina Lakeview rebuilding centers. For their project, they use stories and informal surveys of people that live in Lakeview. The project helps to sustain its library.

The project offers diverse school bus tours in the neighborhood. The starting point is the cemeteries of Old Lakeview. The route passes the Canal Boulevard as well as old and new local landmarks. The concluding point is the Lakefront.

This project is named after a district of New Orleans – Lakeview. This neighborhood is bordered by:

  • North: Robert E. Lee Boulevard
  • East: Orleans Avenue, Florida Boulevard, Canal Boulevard
  • South: I-610
  • West: Pontchartrain Boulevard

The word Lakeview is also used to define the whole area that is surrounded by:

  • North: Lake Pontchartrain
  • East: Orleans Avenue Canal
  • South: City Park Avenue
  • West: 17th Street Canal

The area that is bordered by these marks includes as well the districts West End, Lakewood, Navarre and Old Lakeview, Lakeshore as well as Lake Vista.