Home, New Orleans?

The project “HOME, New Orleans?” is a community-based and art-focused network of different artists, neighbors, organizations and universities. Its mission is to achieve a positive change in New Orleans by uniting the communities. For achieving the goals, there are different projects: community arts projects, memorials, youth theatre workshops or performance and installation art. These projects give new opportunities to rebuild a community for New Orleans and its residents.


Lakeview is a bus tour project. It cooperates with the pastor of a local church, teachers, students of local high schools and the Beacons of Hope post-Katrina Lakeview rebuilding centers. They utilize stories and informal surveys of life in Lakeview. As well they help the community to keep up its library and to produce consciousness of its needs and properties.

The Lakeview project organizes diverse school bus tours through the neighborhood:

  • Starting point: the cemeteries of Old Lakeview
  • The route: Canal Boulevard, old and new local landmarks
  • The concluding point: the lakefront


NENA – Neighborhood Empowerment Network Association – is a memorial project and a resource center located in the 9th Ward. Their goal is to help the community and its neighborhood’s citizens. They support to find a job placement or to restart building skills, computer use, financial planning and housing. There is also a NENA relief center that is located on 1120 Lamanche Street.

The Quilt Project

The Central City Heritage and the Legacy Group built a multimedia platform for honoring lives and stories of people. It has been already established a story circle. As well there are conversations for developing the content of the “quilt”. This project focuses on constructing relationships between the community and the honored people.

The Porch

The Porch is located in the 7th Ward and organized youth theatre workshops with students from NYU, Xavier and Tulane Universities. They started a theatre program for the neighborhood youth in the 7th Ward. In cooperation with The Porch twelve to sixteen 7th Ward children have the possibility to learn the art and the discipline of performance.