Welcome to ny2no.net!
This has been a free blog hosting platform for different organizations and individuals in the area of New Orleans. This website offered the opportunity for people that are working in New Orleans to use the online community for recording and reporting about their endeavors and occupations.

This project was started by the NYUs Interactive Telecommunications Program and the Xavier University of Louisiana. Different organizations or individuals living and working in the New Orleans’ area were able to sign-up, build a new blog and talk to the world.

Now, this webpage wants to present ny2no.net as an informative platform. You will be informed about different projects concerning, for example, the hurricane Katrina and its unspeakable destruction.

WelcomeIn 2005, the Katrina was a huge Atlantic hurricane. It was the most expensive (total property damage: $81 billion USD) natural disaster and one of the five most fatal hurricanes in the history of the USA. About 1.840 people died by the hurricane and the following floods. So, Katrina was the deadliest US-American hurricane since the year 1928.

In relation to these facts, it is understandable that a lot of inhabitants, also today, are afraid to go back to their houses and homes. Ny2no.net presents a few organizations and projects that have the mission to build temporary housing and to enable, especially seniors, to go back to their old neighborhood. The goal of these projects is the reconstruction of homes and personalities.

Especially in the Lower 9th Ward the rebuilding and homecoming needs to be supported. As well there are a lot of investors that want to buy the vacant homes. Various organizations try to avoid these outside interests from taking ground. As well the Lower 9th Ward Homeowner’s Association, for example, offers financial and material support.

Find out important information and facts about New Orleans and its various associations, organizations and projects on ny2no.net.